The bitcoin halving
[] is drawing ever
nearer. It?s an event that?s only occurred twice before, and one that?s taken on
a quasi-mythical status for Bitcoiners: a preset measure in the crypto code that
halves the amount of Bitcoin awarded per recorded block of transactions.

Will cutting the supply of newly-minted Bitcoin in half prompt a massive
short-term surge in the cryptocurrency?s price, or perhaps drive a longer-tail
rally? Are the effects already priced in? Is it just a lot of hype over
something that may ultimately be a blip on the market radar?


For Catherine Coley [], CEO of
Binance.US [], the halving is a ?momentous occasion,?
but she cautions that the effects may not immediately make themselves apparent.
?It could result in nothing, or could result in longer-tail adoption and a rally
out of that,? Coley told Decrypt.

> ?We saw in 2016 that the halving itself was not an instantaneous reaction, but
18 months later we had the largest rally we?ve seen.? ? Catherine Coley

It?s been nearly four years since the last halving event on July 6, 2016, and it
was about four years between that and the original one on November 28, 2012. The
last time around, when the mining reward dropped from 25 Bitcoin to 12.5
Bitcoin, the immediate impact on the price of Bitcoin was minimal?but the price
skyrocketed down the line. With the next halving expected to happen on May 11,
dropping the reward from 12.5 Bitcoin to 6.25 Bitcoin, what happens now?


?We only get a select few of these halving moments, and many of us weren?t even
in crypto in the last one in 2016,? Coley continued. ?So, it?s worth paying
attention to and monitoring the markets for, but like many things in the
markets, crystal balls are about the only thing you have to be sure about an

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