Wunderlist [https://www.wunderlist.com/]is going away, but fans of the
productivity app may find some consolation in founder Christian Reber?s
announcement that he is launching a new startup calledSuperlist

?Superlist will be more than just a todo app, but never as bloated as the
project management software you loathe to use,? hetweeted
[https://twitter.com/christianreber/status/1257610443369132034?s=20]. ?Slick,
fast, and hyper-collaborative. Helping individuals or teams of any size get
things done in record time.?

Wunderlist [https://crunchbase.com/organization/6wunderkinder]was?acquired?in
2015 by Microsoft, which announced two years later it would shut down the app in
favour of Microsoft To-Do. It finally said at the end of last year that
Wunderlist to-dos will no longer sync after May 6, but users will be able to
import all their content into Microsoft

Shortly before Microsoft announced Wunderlist?s shut down date, Rebertweeted
[https://twitter.com/christianreber/status/1169985802421592064]that he wanted to
buy back the company. Obviously that didn?t happen, but Superlist may give him a
chance to develop features he originally wanted to add to Wunderlist.

After Wunderlist?s acquisition, Reber?launched Pitch, a challenger to PowerPoint
that has raised more than $52 million in funding so far.

On his Twitter, Reber said he will continue focusing on Pitch, but will support
the Superlist team, which is currently hiring.