It is reportedly rumored that Apple’s new mixed reality headset will weigh less
than 150grams according to a new research analyst from Apple Ming Chi Kuo. This
will be lightest headset in the market and the lighter the headset, the long one
can wear it.
A standard iPhone 12 weighs 164 grams, and compared to other headset on the
market like Oculus Quest 2 (503 grams), Microsoft?s HoloLens 2 (645 grams), and
the Valve Index (809 grams), the headset will be the first one to weigh

The headset is not set to launch this year or up until next year. ?Bloomberg has
reported that the device with both virtual and augmented reality features will
not be up until 2022. It has been backed by The Information that device will
ship as early as next year. The material for the headset included mesh-fabric
and Apple-Watch style bands in the back which makes it much lighter.

Source: The InformationThe Information reported that the headset has been
codenamed N301 which may have 8K display, eye-tracking technology, and more than
a dozen cameras to both track your hand movements and capture footage that can
be displayed inside the headset. It is also reported that it will have plastic
lenses, an ultra-short focal length and Micro-OLED display.

But the price for the headset is not said to be cheap- rumored around $3,000, it
could be expensive than $299 Oculus Quest 2 but more affordable than the $3,500
HoloLens 2.