There was a lot to take in at?Apple?s annual Worldwide Developers
Conference?this year, so you may have missed this important nugget of
information: Apple will finallyallow
[]iOS users tochange
[]their default email and web
browser apps with the arrival of the new iOS 14.

Currently, if you were to write a new email message or click on a link, your
iPhone or iPad would automatically open the Apple Mail or Safari apps.
Obviously, this isn?t optimal if you use a different app to surf the web or
check your email.

There are a slew of popular third-party email clients, like Spark or even
Google?s own Gmail app, and web browser apps, such as Chrome, in the App Store.
Starting with iOS 14, you can change your default apps for email and web
browsing to those, or to any other third-party options.

If you missed this in the 2020 WWDC keynote today, it?s not your fault. Apple
didn?t exactly shout their new feature from the mountaintops. It was tucked away
on a slide for the iPadOS and only popped up onscreen when Apple mentioned that
the iPad would receive other new iOS features as well.

That?s right, it didn?t even appear on the iOS slide that promoted all of the
new features???probably because it means there?s a chance you won?t use Apple?s
own email or web browser app. It is, however,listed
[]as the one and only new
Settings option when you scroll all the way down Apple?s iOS 14 Preview webpage.

Anyway, it?s a long-awaited and welcome addition to iOS devices!