Android 11?s Beta 1 was supposed to make its debut today at the Beta Launch
Show. But, because of the ongoing unrest in the U.S., the launch was
[] byGoogle []. Despite this, some
Google Pixel 4 users have already received the Android 11 Beta 1 update.
Although not a lot has changed, the beta update brings in some additional
features, as reported byXDA Developers
[] .

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The update, for users already on Android 11 Developer Previews, is a 736MB
update with build number RPB1.200504.018. The package size will obviously not be
the same for users who are currently runningAndroid 10
[]on their Pixels.

These are some of the new features that are found on the Android 11 Beta 1.

1. New Icon Shapes

Image Credit: XDA DevelopersAlongside the launch of the Google Pixel 4, Google
also announced the Pixel Themes application that let users customize UI
elements, including icon shape. With the initial Developer Previews of Android
11, we saw a bunch of new icon shapes. The Beta update now brings in three more
icon shapes, namely: Tapered Rectangle, Vessel, and Pebble.

2. Music Player in Quick Setting Panel

Image Credit: XDA DevelopersMusic controls on Android have always rested in the
notification panel. But with a new developer option on the Android 11 Beta,
titled ?Media Resumption?, the music control panel can now also be rested within
the Quick Settings Panel. When not expanded, the music panel will rest towards
the left half whereas the right half will consist of 6 Quick Settings tiles.
When expanded, it?ll sit above the Quick Settings Panel.

3. New ?Power Menu?

Image Credit: XDA DevelopersThe Android 11 Beta 1 has an updated ?Power Menu?
that?ll let you do more than just switch off or reboot your phone. The power
menu now has ?Device Controls? shortcuts that?ll let you ?add controls for your
connected devices?. While this new feature can not be tested currently, it?s
expected to let you control smart devices like smart bulbs or the thermostat
right from the power menu without having to dive into the application.

Android 11 Beta 1 has some other features like ?App Suggestions? and a new menu
to enable Bubble notifications. But to try them out, we?ll have to wait for
Google to officially launch the Android 11 Beta 1 update. There?s no official
timeline shared by Google but we can expect them to soon come forward with an

This is the second time that the launch of the Android 11 Beta has been pushed.
To make up for the first push, Google launched the unexpected Android 11 DP 4.
It remains to be seen if there will be any further changes to the timeline of
the launch of Android 11.

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