Lawmakers continue to amp up the pressure on tech companies.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hillsent letters to Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple
[] on Friday requesting a trove of documents and other information as part of an
antitrust investigation
[] .

Leaders of the House Judiciary Committee sent detailed requests asking for
general information on the companies and their competitors in digital markets,
as well as executive communications related to acquisitions and other
competition matters. The companies were also asked to turn over any documents
from prior investigations by US or foreign regulators in the past ten years. The
House committee said documents should be turned over by Oct. 14.

Theprobe was announced in June
[] by Rep. David N. Cicilline, a Democrat from Rhode Island and chairman of the
House Antitrust Subcommittee. The investigation is meant to explore competition
in digital markets and whether big tech companies are engaging in
?anti-competitive conduct.? It?ll also try to decide if the government?s current
antitrust laws and enforcement policies are enough to fix the problems.

The House probe comes as tech giants faces a flood of scrutiny from government
regulators, who?ve targeted tech companies overpotential anti-competitive
[] ,privacy breaches
[] . The Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission, the two US agencies
that handle antitrust issues, are looking into tech companies? business
practices. Fifty state attorneys general earlier this week openedan antitrust
[] intoGoogle [], and last week, New York Attorney
General Letitia Jamesannounced a similar probe into Facebook
[] .

Apple, Amazon and Facebook didn?t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Google pointed to ablog post it published last week
[] written by Senior Vice President of Global Affairs Kent Walker. In the post,
Google acknowledges the regulatory scrutiny and says it?ll work with with
government officials.

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