Adobe Photoshop has long been known not only to PC users but also to owners of
Android and iOS devices. But there?s been new product from the creators of the
popular image editor is now available on Google Play and App Store, a new app
that combines shooting and real-time processing photos called Adobe Photoshop
Camera and its now available on both the Android Play Store and the App Store
for iOS users.

Photoshop Cameras uses Adobe?s Sensei AI algorithms to recognize objects in
photographs, and then automatically shows you contextually-appropriate filters.
This lets you evaluate filters in real-time, so you don?t waste time processing
images after they?re shot.

The application,according to Adobe
[], Photoshop Camera
is designed to simplify photo editing, making user participation in the process
minimal. Out of the box, over 80 filters are available to owners of Android and
iOS devices, such as Portrait, Studio Light, Pop Art, Food, Decorations, Natural
Sky and many other options.

The possibility of manual processing is also available where users can adjust
basic details such as shadows, highlights and exposure. In addition, to some of
the filters from the Adobe team, the catalog also includes the work of various
artists which can be altered to create customised presets. Adobe?s use of AI
algorithms here also lets you select objects and quickly alter background
without having to separate them into layers in Photoshop.

Photoshop Camera: A Quick Feature Rundown
Filters: Apply Photoshop filters and effects with just one tap. With over 80
custom filters on offer, it?s easy to swap them in and out and save your
favorites to use it again. For instance, the filters library includes Portrait,
Studio Light, Bloom, Pop Art, Spectrum, Desync, Food, Scenery, Natural Skies,
Analog, Night Shift, Comic Skies, Interstellar, Dreamcatcher, Celestial,
Supersize, Double Expo, Prism, Color Echo, Mixed Media, Blue Skies, Artful, and

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