Adobe last week launched the Photoshop Camera app for both Android and iOS
devices for free. Well, this week, Adobe has introduced some new updates for
most of its Creative Cloud apps which include Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere
Pro, After Effects, Illustrator, and so on.

According to Adobe the updated apps offer major new functions, making it the
company?s biggest update to CC since the last edition of Adobe MAX, which was
back in October 2019.

Adobe Photoshop CC: Improvements and Key Updates
Adobe has improved the ?select subject? feature on Photoshop. After the update,
it now does a better job of isolating a face in an image. The already existing
?Match Font? feature that identifies fonts in an image, is also updated with
support for more fonts, vertical text, and multiple line-detection.

Features from Adobe Capture have also been added to the desktop version of
Photoshop. These features basically come handly while pulling out patterns,
colour themes and shapes from an image.

The Photoshop Camera Raw user interface (now version 12.3) has received a major
overhaul. HDR and panorama functions can now be called up via the menu and after
the update, the interface now supports DNG images taken with some iPad models.
Here is a list of all supported cameras and lenses.

Lightroom Classic CC: Improvements and Key Updates
The main innovation of Lightroom Classic CC is an improved colour tone control
(HSL), which enables local adjustment. Users should also experience smoother

Raw standards and the recently introduced ISO adaptive specification (preset)
have also been improved. This changes the values for sharpness and noise
reduction depending on the ISO value of the picture.

Local Hue controls on the new version of Adobe LightroomThe cloud version of
Lightroom can now also use the improved colour tone control. In addition,
different versions of an edit can now be created. For example, you can edit a
black and white and colour version of a photo without having to make additional
copies of the image.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC: Improvements and Key Updates
The video editing program Premiere Pro gains integration with Adobe Stock Audio.
This means you can search for music you can buy and use it in a project. The
music does not have to be licensed to edit the video, this will only be done
when the project is completed.

Premiere Rush Gets New Auto-Reframe Feature
With Premiere Rush video clips can be quickly created on a smartphone, and they
can also be edited using the desktop app using the cloud.

A new effect panel with an auto refresh function (adjusts a video clip to the
aspect ratio of the project). According to Adobe, users have been calling for a
Ken Burns function for animating still images ? this option is also available
with the designation Pan & Zoom.

Illustrator and InDesign: New Additions
Adobe has also rolled out cloud documents support for Adobe Illustrator. It
plans to soon let users share documents with others for editing or reviewing
directly in the app. It will soon be available on iPad as well.

Similarly, InDesign has also received a feature called ?Share for Review? that
allows users to share documents with others to get feedback. This feedback will
be provided in the InDesign app itself and will include suggestions, questions
that can be answered in the app itself.

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