Netflix has become one of the biggest streaming websites on the world with over
200 million subscribers. The company produces a plethora of shows and movies
along with having broadcasting rights over thousands of foreign television shows
and soap operas. Over the years, Netflix has changed the game of the face of
television along with entering movies with it’s first Oscar nominated venture
Roma released on 2018.

Now the company is looking for at ways to curb password sharing for both
business and security reasons. This new feature was spotted by GammaWire, that
prevents people who are not authorize to use the account from accessing it. In
an interview with The Verge, Netflix said “This test is designed to help ensure
that people using Netflix accounts are authorized to do so.? If Netflix detects
that someone is trying to use the account without being an account owner,
they?ll be asked to verify later or verify being an account owner through an
email code or text code.”

There will be a certain time frame under which someone who is trying to access
the account has to verify it, if not able to do so, the user has to make his own
account to stream Netflix’s content. Hypothetically speaking, the original user
may have to send a code to their friend(s) for them to access the Netflix

Currently nothing has been stated if the test will conducted globally or on a
specific region, but the reason for Netflix taking this step to better upstand
it’s security measures and account protection. If someone has made a malicious
attempt to access someone’s account or has obtained password by fraudulent
means, they still would not be granted access to the account.

But the terms and line are still not clear as to what constitute of household
account. Netflix’s term and service policy state that streaming content on the
platform is ?for your personal and non-commercial use only and may not be shared
with individuals beyond your household.? Co-CEO Reed Hastings has spoken about a
scenario in 2016 where in he put forth an example if a family has kids who may
have singed up for family plan but live in different regions due to college or
work purpose.

?Password sharing is something you have to learn to live with,? Hastings said.
?There?s so much legitimate password sharing, like you sharing with your spouse,
with your kids, so there?s no bright line, and we?re doing fine as is.? – The

The situation with password sharing has been a long concern among analyst and
investors. Analysis from Parks and Associates has found that around estimated $9
billion alone is what rounds up to password sharing and piracy cost. Now Netflix
has to find a way to come around password sharing at the same time addressing
tighter security measure, which led to say that things are coming to a change.