Maybe call it a comeback? Motorola?s revived Razr, which released earlier in
2020 as a folding-screen flip phone,?definitely underwhelmed. But now there?s
some chatter that another one may be coming before the end of the year.

Get out that salt shaker, as this falls squarely into ?rumor? territory. Setting
aside the release timing, the next Razr is expected to to step up to a
Snapdragon 765 CPU, a big improvement on the mid-range Snapdragon 710 at the
heart of February?s Razr release.

The so-called ?Razr 2? will also sport 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, a
beefier 2,845 mAh battery, a 48MP rear camera, and a 20MP front-facing camera,
along with Android 10 support out of the box. Importantly, the new phone would
come with support for 5G networks, though the specifics of?what form that 5G
support?will take remains murky.

The technical details come from anXDA-Developers report
[] (h/t9to5Google
which simply credits a ?source? for the information, so it?s reasonable to doubt
these details. Some of it just doesn?t make sense, like the fact that the more
powerful battery seems like little more than a marginal improvement for a phone
that?s going to have greater power needs thanks to that 5G support.

All that said (and assuming the info is accurate), there?s no reason those specs
couldn?t change. If we assume the rumored release timeframe of September is
real, that leaves plenty of months for things to change, even after you factor
in things like production time.

It?s also worth pointing out that the release timing is a separate question.
Suspicions of a second Razr release in 2020 first cropped up on May 19, when
Lenovo South Africa General Manager Thibault Dousson suggested as much in an
appearance on theReframed Tech podcast
[–Motorola-and-the-future-of-tech-ee9nhn/a-a1ptli] (h/tAndroid Authority

?There?s a new iteration [of the Razr] coming up. There?s one in September I
think, coming up,? he said. He?s clearly not certain about that timing, but the
mention seems to make it clear that something is in the works.

A September release might seem a little fast for the follow-up to a phone that
was only just released in late February. It?s also a lot to assume that any tech
release scheduled for 2020 is going to happen on time in the midst of all the
ongoing supply chain disruptions caused by the covid-19 pandemic.

But making a speedy jump from the first- to the second-generation Razr makes a
certain amount of sense. As beloved as the original Razr flip phone was, the
2020 remake didn?t manage to make the same splash. Mashable?s Brenda
Stolyar?found?that its sleek body is comfortable to hold and produces a
satisfying flip when you open and close it.

The warm reception ended there, however. Mashable?s review dinged the revived
Razr for its lack of durability, weak battery, sub-par specs, and a visible
crease in the folding screen. Verizon exclusivity didn?t do it any favors
either. And the $1,499 price made the rest of the package that much harder to

All that really means is there?s a lot of ground to make up on a theoretical
Motorola Razr 2. It?s a safe bet that it?ll happen at some point, and the fact
that details and hints of release timing are starting to slip out suggests that
it?ll be sooner rather than later.

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